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All Dance International is the biggest dance organization in the world. With presence in 5 continents. Creators and organizers of the official Dance Championship All Dance World hosted in the USA and founding members of Bureau of Industry of The World Dance (BIWD).

We produce the official dance championships All Dance Nationals Qualifier in several countries in the world. These championships qualify the dancers annually to: All Dance World, All Dance Intercontinental and All Dance Continental.

All Dance International integrates all dance forms and all the people involved in promoting, practicing and being part of the dance industry in the world. All Dance International creates opportunities for the development of dance in the world so that everyone that loves to dance may have better opportunities to have a career in it.

We promote the holistic development of dance schools, teachers, choreographers, and dancers through All Dance evaluations and unique official championships, designed for the development of the dance industry with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

All Dance International selects the best dancers of every nation and the world, granting them the most important awards in dance. These are: Corybants, Grand Corybants, Terpsichore medal and special mentions.

All Dance International is the top promotor in the dance industry. The excellent results we have had are reflected in the constant growth of our members, countries, schools, entrepreneurs, choreographers and dancers.

Art. 1 All Dance´s Constitution and codification stablishes the fundamental  principles, codes, norms and rules that govern our organization, All Dance International, in the world. It regulates the organization, action, operation and sets the conditions of every official championship in the world. The All Dance´s Constitution and codification has two main objectives:

  1. The All Dance´s Constitution and codification as a basic instrument of a normative nature, establishes the fundamental principles and essential values in a general way in the All Dance International organization.
  2. The All Dance´s Constitution and codification defines the functions, rights and reciprocal obligations of the participants and members of the organization.

Art.2 All Dance International is a way of life, principles and guaranteed ethics, which includes freedom, progress, goodness, courage, peace, union, honesty, respect, glory, joy, optimism, equity, justice, inclusion, culture, companionship, education, harmony, diversity and multiculturalism, based on the satisfaction of effort and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.

Art.3 Dance is a natural right, a human right, a cultural and artistic expression, therefore, everyone has the right to dance, it is the basis of the principles of All Dance International.

Art.4 We believe in always put dance for the benefit of human beings and society.

Art.5 We are invested in developing the universal dance community committed to the promotion and growth of dance in the world.

Art.6 The Universal Dance Movement spans the five continents and includes every human being and institution motivated by the principles of All Dance.


Art.7 The All Dance International’s Organic Code develops the principles of All Dance International’s Constitution and Codification.


Art.8 The Organic Code of All Dance International aims to create, regulate and govern all matters, components and elements that constitute the organization.

Subjects, Components and Elements of the All Dance International Organization.

Art.9 Championships and evaluations; All Dance Nation: Corporate Governance, National Directors, Juries, All Dance Faculty, Supervisors, Technical Advisors, Executives, Ambassadors, Honorary Members, Dance Schools, Directors, Teachers, Choreographers, Dancers, Masters of Ceremony, Championship Hosts, Correspondents and Fans.

* This reform is effective from January 1, 2021 *


Art.10 All members of All Dance International (Corporate governance, National Directors, Juries, All Dance Faculty, supervisors, Technical Advisors, Executives, ambassadors, honorary members, Dance Schools, Directors, Teachers, Choreographer, Dancers, Masters of Ceremony, Championship Hosts, correspondents and fans) guarantee to have read, know, accept and comply with All Dance International’s constitution and codification and all that it implies.

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