This modality was born and evolved thanks to the music industry, the choreography is based on the style of music and emotion that wants to be expressed. It is a choreography designed according to the music genre and does not have a specific dance technique, choreographic resources, and elements of various urban dance techniques such as waacking, house dance, voguing, modern afro, dancehall, reggaeton, commercial dance, among others; since its creation aims to support the proposals of the moment within the music industry and provide a good show.

These proposals must have commercial music, without any sound effects or music editing (2, maximum 3 songs are recommended in the mix if they are from different artists). Its dynamism and visual impact lie in the choreographic design games, staying more within the medium and low level. Up to 2 gymnastic elements or acrobatic figures and lifts will be allowed.

Footwear and clothing must be according to the aesthetic and be appropriate for the staging.

NOTE: The stagings that have steps similar to a known artist of a specific musical genre will not be considered plagiarism.