Is the dance artistic expression that traditionally refers to the ten dance styles, from which 5 are classic dances: Sloxfox, Quickstep, Waltz English (slow), Waltz Viennese and Tango and 5 Latin dances: rumba, samba, chachacha, paso doble, and jive.

It is characterized in technique, rhythm, costumes, control, and cohesion; exemplifying the basic elements of ballroom dance. The shoes and wardrobe must be according to the dance. Diverse criteria such as balance, hold or frame, posture, musicality, and expression,  synchronization, body alignment, track craft, feet, and legs action and presentation.

For classic Dances, figures where one foot always remains in contact with the floor are allowed.

For Latin dance dances, a maximum of 2 acrobatic or gymnastic elements performed individually without the help of a dance partner are allowed.

It is particularly practiced artistically, therefore, the stagings will be in accordance with the divisions and subdivisions of the All Dance International Regulations which promote dance and culture around the world.

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