These are dances typical of large geographical areas that coincide with characteristic features of the people who have populated those areas. These dance expressions have been characterized by predominating in history as a description of the identity of a nation.

They are subdivided into traditional and adaptation.

In the choreographic proposal, the costumes and shoes must be in accordance with the original dance and/or region, maintaining its choreographic proposal within the context of the traditional dance. No acrobatics or gymnastic elements will be allowed unless they are original parts of the dance and tradition. If your folklore choreographic proposal is not specified in the modalities based on the All Dance International rules, you must register it in All Dance Ethnic.

NOTE: When completing your registration form, indicate the ethnic dance that you will present and if it is national ethnic dance or international ethnic dance according to the country you are representing in the championship.

IMPORTANT: For each choreography entered in ethnic dance, the director, choreographer or dancer must send a review or summary of the dance to be presented, in a mandatory manner.

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