Se conocen como danza clásica de la India a las danzas incluidas en Natia-shastra, las danzas clásicas de la India son varias entre ellas: Bharatanatyam, Chhau, Kathak, Odissi, entre otros. Se define clásica por la interpretación de los sentimientos que representa cada bailarina y se describen sesenta y siete mudrâ (posiciones de las manos).

Dance originally from India, it is of great popularity in the film industry, it is not considered as an Ethnic Dance. The garments must have bright colors and the makeup must accompany the aesthetics and harmony of this style of dance and its cultural influence. Music must be part of the culture and/or repertoire of the Bollywood industry.

Up to 3 acrobatic or gymnastic elements will be allowed.

NOTE: Choreographies inspired by existing works or characters will not be considered plagiarism. There will be no penalty for plagiarism as long as the choreography does not exceed 45% total agreement. Originality will always be rated in the choreographies.

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