K-pop is a genre that fuses various styles of music: electronic dance, jazz, hip hop, rap, reggae, rock, R&B, and pop. It is based on the exact interpretation of the dance routine, including pirouettes, characterization, synchronization, and clothing of the Korean groups to be imitated, seeking to maintain the aesthetics and choreography composition with fidelity.

NOTE 1: The chosen topics must be K-Pop. The choreographies must be the originals of the chosen group and there will be playback, costumes, and shoes that must be according to the group being imitated. It must not contain within the same choreographic proposal mixtures of different groups or artists.

NOTE 2: When completing your registration form, indicate the name of the group and song to perform in the choreography, it is mandatory.

IMPORTANT: For every choreography registered in k-pop, the director, choreographer or dancer must send the link of the video to be presented, on a mandatory basis.

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