We are AllDancers, members of the largest dance organization in the world, we are committed to promoting dance in all its forms and achieving every goal based on the principles of All Dance, uniting the world through dance because together we are stronger.



Maria Fernanda Castro

All Dance International´s president is the highest authority within the organization, its main task is to create and execute methods and processes that guarantee the fulfillment organization’s objectives, mainly the professionalization and growth of dance in the world, likewise, the diffusion and application of the principles of this organization in the world.



Walter Mera

The Executive Director or CEO of All Dance International is the authority that performs the methods and processes that guarantee the efficiency and productivity of the organization’s members.  Its main objective is to enforce the compliance and execution of the principles, objectives, and parameters in general of All Dance International.



Sandra Correa

The Technical Director Judge of All dance International directs the training and certifications for the technical preparation of the judges, directors, choreographers and dancers (Alldancers). She directs the proper functioning of the panel of judges and supervises the processes and judging systems to be carried out before, during and after the official dance championships.


It trains the members of All Dance International based on the principles and formulas of dance growth. Those members who carry out and pass the admission processes and requirements may be part of the All Dance faculty, they will be trained and certified based on the principles and codes of our organization.

They are teachers with a wide artistic career, selected for their contribution to the development of dance in the world. They have been highly trained under the multi-dance principles and criteria of All Dance International. These are Technical Direction, Technical Supervisor, All Dance Juries, Specialist Juries, Technical Assistant, Aspiring Juries and Advisors.

Judges Alldancers cannot be members of the judging panel in championships where:

  • Active dance school students are competing.
  • Choreographies of their authorship or composition are being presented.
  • Family members up to second grade are competing.
  • They have given classes/workshops in the participating Dance schools, at least three weeks before the championship.

They are artists of dance in continuous growth. Their creativity is an exclusive talent that contributes to multi-dance development in the world according to the principles of All Dance. They drive the effort to achieve goals that will increase skill development of their dancers as individuals and/or as part of a group. Their knowledge within the organization is endorsed through the Certification process that includes the official All Dance International Dance Ranking. An All Dancer choreographer can be independent or from an institution.

They are dance professionals trained by the organization, the technical advisers will be able to advise particularly choreographers, school directors or dancers based on the principles and Codes of All Dance International.

The Disciplinary Committee is the body in charge of ensuring compliance with the principles, codes and standards of All Dance International. The Disciplinary Committee is responsible for analyzing and investigating the complaints or claims made by any member, and find resolution of each case, in accordance with the duties and prohibitions established in the specific Regulations of each member and the Organic Code of our organization. The Disciplinary Committee may be national or global for the correct resolution of cases.


NOTE: Check with the national organization for the email of the corresponding Disciplinary Committee.

The national directors lead and promote the dance industry in their territory, based on the principles and guidelines of ALL DANCE INTERNATIONAL. They producethe official All Dance Nationals Qualifier dance championships in their country and grant passes to the official ALL DANCE WORLD, ALL DANCE INTERCONTINENTAL and ALL DANCE CONTINENTAL dance championships.

They are holistic dancers in constant formation and evolution, who adhere to the principles of All Dance for their improvement and professional growth. They can be dance students or professionals and their trajectories are endorsed through The Official Dance Ranking. According to their trajectory, the organization reserves the right to determine a student as a professional.

They are people who collaborate directly and indirectly with the development of dance and the professionalism of the holistic dancer that adheres to the principles of ALL DANCE INTERNATIONAL.

They are people who collaborate directly with the organization, have a positive and optimistic behavior; are trained based on the logistics processes and specific functions under their responsibility. In addition to knowing and using the principles and Codes of All Dance International to provide an optimal and satisfactory experience in customer service, they help in resolving all doubts that arise in our championships.

The AllDancers schools are the place or space where each of the dancers is instructed, always promoting comprehensive multi-dance development, favoring growth and providing knowledge and skills in conjunction with the All Dance International championships. Our All Dancers schools may be By All Dance franchises.

They are dance entrepreneurs in constant development and growth, who practice the principles of All Dance. They encourage the holistic and multi-dance development of their dancers, favoring the growth of their dancers and school within the dance industry.

They are people who collaborate directly with the organization and have a positive and optimistic behavior. The organization’s executives will be able to advise choreographers, directors, dancers and parents in the registration process. They have been trained based on the principles, rules and Code of All Dance International.

They are people who collaborate directly with the organization, trained based on the principles and Codes of All Dance International. An All Dance International presenter, interviewer or correspondent should have a positive and optimistic demeanor towards our All Dancers fans, choreographers, dancers and directors.

They are people who collaborate directly or indirectly with the organization and must have a positive and optimistic behavior. They go through a training and certification process in order to be able to develop the correct graphic arts and communication based on the All Dance International guidelines.

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