It is a form of performance that combines music, singing, acting, dialogue, and dance. In this modality, instrumental accompaniments and synchronized interludes are integrated into an emotional plot through the projection of the image. Your performance must have at least three of the characteristics already mentioned.

The choreography must consist of at least 40% dance. It should be noted that tributes to singers and mimics to famous songs will not be considered a musical. The shoes or footwear will be in accordance with the dance genre chosen by the choreographer or dancer. The choreography may contain a maximum of three acrobatic and/or gymnastic elements.

In this modality, live singing or playback (voice imitation) may be performed, live singing will be evaluated as an element of difficulty.

NOTE: Choreographies inspired by existing works or characters will not be considered plagiarism. There will be no penalty for plagiarism as long as the choreography does not exceed 45% similarity of the original.

Originality will always be rated in the choreographies.

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