The Rhythmic Tap is a dance technique in which the feet move rhythmically while performing musical footwork. It frequently uses syncopation and choreographies typically begin on the eighth beat or between the eighth and first counts. This can be performed with any music following the beats provided or without the musical accompaniment, meaning it is “acapella”.

The Tap Broadway, also known as Show Tap, is a combination of rhythms between tap, ballet, and jazz. It is used throughout the body to tell a story, emphasizing visual presentation rather than musicality. Its movements are fast and they move from one side of the stage to the other. Various techniques are used, including the “soft shoe”.

In the scenic proposal, tap shoes and technique must be used. In addition, pre-recorded sounds that simulate the tapping and percussion of dancers are not allowed; it can contain up to 2 acrobatic and/or gymnastic elements.

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